TikTok Reassures US Officials of Its Security

  • Jul 07, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
TikTok Reassures US Officials of Its Security

The company claims that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to US data security. One of the main social networks around the world, speaks out to clear all the rumors about the data leaks. The Chinese-based TikTok is transferring all the information that the US audience brought to it into Oracle’s servers, the American database.

US senators are still worried about trusting personal users' data to TikTok since China has strict rules over national products and developers. TikTok is currently working on the final agreements over data transfer to the US servers of Oracle. Biden Administration wants to protect data from millions of American accounts that users created during the years in TikTok.

Meanwhile, the CEO of TikTok social network, Shou Zi Chew wrote a letter to senators, assuring them that TikTok cooperates with Oracle and they work on the extra security for every profile. The new control will be available in the future. Only a month ago TikTok has provided all the information the company had on users from the US to Oracle. The social network still uses the data centers from Singapore and US for the information backup.

In the letter, the CEO reveals that employees of TikTok still have access to specific data on US users when it comes to the rise of personal security. They provided advanced authorization and work with approved protocols. All the work with sensitive data is supervised by the US-based security team. The company works hard to delete all the US data from its own servers. The spokesperson of TikTok confirmed that the company is trying to work together with the senators to guarantee high-level security.

Do you trust your personal data to TikTok? Do you think the company can use it against you? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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