Gang Beasts

  • Sofia Martinez
  • Jul 07, 2021

The player controls a crudely-drawn humanoid figure in a 2D environment. The player's character is unable to jump, but can run, punch, and interact with various objects, including weapons and other objects that can be used to attack other players and NPCs. The player character can also pick up and throw various objects, like rocks, cans, barrels, and explosive devices. Gang Beasts is a party game with a gross-out sense of humor and bizarre-looking characters, all of which have their own humorous death animations. It is a physics-based multiplayer melee game that is about two minutes long per match and is played in short rounds.


The player in Gang Beasts is able to pick up objects such as rocks, cans, barrels, and explosive devices. These objects can be thrown at other players, which will cause them to move around for a few seconds before getting up. Players are also able to fight with weapons, such as knives and chainsaws, and use their bare hands to punch other players. Players are able to use the environment to their advantage, such as hiding behind objects or attacking players from above with a chainsaw. The gameplay of Gang Beasts is simple yet difficult. The goal is to be the last player or team standing by using your character to attack or knock out other players. The game features a variety of bizarre-looking characters, all of which have their own humorous death animations. The gameplay is physics-based, so the physics applied to each character is different and the interaction between two characters is different.


Graphics are simplistic and crude, which is a common trait in the genre. Gang Beasts features a pixelated look that is reminiscent of classic games. There are a variety of different colorful and neon-looking characters to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your style.


There is no single-player mode, so all players need to be in the same room to play. However, the game is short, so it can be played over and over again.


Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer fighting game for up to four players, made by Boneloaf. It features a variety of outlandish characters to play as, each with their own special moves, from the notorious King Bull, to the assassin cat, to the lumbering Samalaman.

  • It is a small, simple game
  • The game is hilarious
  • The controls are easy to use
  • It is a great game for kids
  • The game is free to play
  • It is easy to learn
  • It is a great party game
  • It is only for two players
  • It is difficult to find a game
  • The game is only 2 minutes long
  • The gameplay is repetitive
  • It is not realistic