Snapchat Begins Integration with Fitness App

  • Nov 09, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Snapchat Begins Integration with Fitness App

Snapchat starts its collaboration with the fitness app Strava. It offers users to show each other their daily fitness routine. The company launched the integration of AR Lens within the new collaboration. Snapchat plans to attract more users and promote a healthy life. People will be able to show their success in sports visually.

The integration offers more options for anyone who is living a healthy life or just planning to do so. Information that you have in Strava is getting inside the Snap camera display, and you can enjoy the well-designed fitness tracker. Your results can be visible to other users if you choose them.

Snap says that Strava Activity Lens offer Snapchatters to post the story of their workouts or just take a Snap. It does not have to be a competition. You can talk about the walks you are making with friends or alone. You can also show your daily physical exercise routine or preparations for the new race. You can use the time of your training to still keep your audience entertained or share some helpful tips. It can be a great help in getting used to the planned exercises since you will need to take Snaps or make videos about them.

Strava has more than 100 million users that are registered there. This collaboration will add more extra tools from Snap. As for Snap, it may help to attract older users who are registered on Strava.

The year was challenging for Snap. CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel announced in September that there are new areas to focus on. He sent a memo to his staff about the challenges the company faces and how they plan to get back into the business. According to him, the company needs to attract more users from different countries of different ages.

What do you think about the new collaboration? How often do you exercise at home? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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