New Group Chat Rules in WhatsApp

  • Aug 05, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
New Group Chat Rules in WhatsApp

Do you often deal with group chats? Usually, they are used to discussing work issues for personal purposes, such as chatting with relatives. There are cases when entrepreneurs use a chat room as an online store. 

Group chats have their advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage is that you can discuss common issues in one place, it is not necessary to contact each person personally.  The disadvantages include a large number of notifications. 

When you join a group chat, all participants see a message that the particular user is now in the chat. There is also a similar notification when exiting the chat. 

On the one hand, this is a useful feature. On the other hand, users may be confused by the attention to their person at the moment of adding or deleting from the chat. And the other members of the group could be annoyed by unnecessary notifications. 

In the latest WhatsApp update, changes have been made to group chats. Now, if someone leaves a group, neither members nor the administrator will receive a notification. However, there will be a new tab where you can see a list of contacts who have left the group. In this format, the information is stored for 60 days, after which it is permanently deleted. 

There are probably WhatsApp users who will find this update useful. For example, if a person sells something in a group or maintains an informational page, he can control the number of subscribers. If you find out that the person has left the chat room, you can still contact him and find out the reason for the deletion. 

So far, this feature is being tested by a limited number of participants and will soon be available to all. Information about those who left the chat will be available not only to the administrator but to all participants.

Later should be released another modification, which will allow the administrator to delete inappropriate messages from other participants. 

Do you use WhatsApp group chats? What do you think of the new features?

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