Netflix Got Category Hub for Easy Search

  • Apr 25, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
Netflix Got Category Hub for Easy Search

For those who use the Netflix app on their TVs, it will now be easier to search for their favorite genres and categories. The developers have added the “Category Hub” section to the menu on the left side of the screen. Moreover, the new feature is available in both adult and children’s profiles. You can quickly find the genre you need or explore something new with it.

Depending on what you watch most often on this platform, you will be presented with three categories. You are expected to find something that really interests you there. Besides, the so-called “curated collections,” which will be timed to coincide with holidays and global events, will be presented in the Hub. There will also be more general categories like “action” and “drama.”

Recall that some time ago, the platform launched a new content rating system, “Double Thumbs Up.” You can specify what you like to receive more accurate recommendations. You also have the opportunity to mark films and series that you did not like so that you receive fewer similar recommendations. This feature is available not only on TVs but also in mobile applications and the platform’s web version. Just don’t forget to always mark the content after watching to make Netflix as personalized as possible.

The described tools are already available to users around the world. It is also reported that the company is working on a system that will allow you to use the service outside of established households. It’s currently being tested on selected users in South and Central America. At the moment, those who have standard or premium accounts can add two people from the side for an additional fee. So far, no test results have been reported. Probably, this feature will not appear on Netflix anytime soon.

Do you find the Category Hub convenient? Or do you not use the platform on your TV?


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