Make Apple Watch Workout Fits You

  • Apr 20, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
Make Apple Watch Workout Fits You

Apple Watch is an incredibly useful device for keeping track of your activity. You will find many sports apps compatible with it on the App Store, but branded Workouts is the best choice. At the same time, the default settings may not suit you personally. Not many people know, but the default options can be customized and personalized to your taste. We’ll tell you in detail how to make Workouts work for you.

Goal Setting

Right after starting the activity on the app, you’ll be given an “open goal” by default. It is done to ensure that users are as flexible as possible. However, if you want to burn a certain amount of calories or exercise for a set period, you can change the settings:


  • run the app on your device;

  • pick the activity you need from the list;

  • tap on the button with three dots to open the menu;

  • choose one of the options: open goal, time, or calories;

  • tune the selected parameter as you need.

Depending on the activity you have set, you may also be offered an option to set the distance (for example, when walking, hiking, or cycling). For jogging, it’s also possible to set a specific pace that you would like to maintain throughout the entire session. The app will let you know if you run too fast or too slow. Once you complete the settings, click “Start.”

Switching Activities

Within the same workout, you can perform various kinds of activities. Apple Watch gives you the option not to end each one but simply add the following type to the first one:

  • during training, swipe the screen with your finger from left to right;

  • tap “+New”;

  • set the following activity;

  • repeat these steps for as long as you need to add all the exercises.

When you’re done with your workout, swipe left to right again and tap “End” and then “Done.”


If you combine different activities during one workout, such as alternating between high- and low-intensity sections or running uphill and downhill, you can mark the moments of the change. It’s very easy to do:

  • during the session, raise your hand to activate Apple Watch;

  • double tap on the screen and see that segment summary;

  • repeat at the change of each section.


After the session is over, you can review all the details of your day. You can track your performance while running in circles and even during HIIT workouts.

Adding Exercises

Of course, not all types of exercises are available in Workouts (although the developers are constantly adding new ones). If you wish, you can add exactly the type that you need to the app:

  • open the app on Apple Watch;

  • scroll down and tap “Add Workout”;

  • here, you can pick extra exercises from the list or, for example, add audio sessions from Fitness Plus.

At the moment, you cannot change the order of activities. After some time of using Workouts, the app will automatically raise your favorite types to the top of the list.

Metrics Customization

Your activity can be measured using a huge variety of parameters. You can choose which metrics will be displayed during a particular session, depending on what you do. For example, if you are hiking, you may not want to see calories burned but rather your current altitude and pace. Here’s how to set up the metrics:

  • launch Watch on your iPhone and pick the Workouts app;

  • tap “Workout View,” select an activity, and edit it;

  • by tapping pluses and minuses in each line, you can add or remove metrics;

  • hold the option with your finger and drag it up or down to rearrange the list.

As you can see, there are quite a few options on Workouts and Apple Watch that you can customize to your liking. Do you use this app, or do you prefer another resource? Do you personalize sessions or trust the choice of developers?


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