Latest Chrome Update Improved Google Lens

  • Apr 18, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
Latest Chrome Update Improved Google Lens

The desktop version of the Chrome browser has received an impressive update. Among the minor performance enhancements, the improvement of Google Lens deserves special attention. The developers replaced the outdated Image Search with it, which allowed you to scan and search for pictures on the network.

Using the updated tool, you can pick page fragments and search for information about objects right in the browser. To do it, you need to hover over the image you are interested in and, by right-clicking, launch Lens through the drop-down menu. When using this feature, a sidebar opens with available search results and additional tools “Text” and “Translator.” A button in the top right corner opens the results in a new tab.

Now, in addition to searching for pictures, you have the opportunity to copy, recognize, listen to, and translate texts. While Lens automatically adjusts to your language and offers relevant results, you can manually select the language you want. Also, since the developers got rid of Image Search, you will be redirected to Google Images when working with photos or pictures. You can upload pictures and screenshots to find information of interest to you.

Now, Lens is available through a right-click and drop-down menu. However, in the report, Google representatives hinted that this tool might get a separate button. It will likely be similar to the Google Lens button found in the Chrome search bar on mobile devices. The new features are already available on all the browser desktop versions (Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS). If you don’t have them yet, update the program. Its interface is similar to the Translate service. All described features can also already be used on mobile devices.

How often do you use Google Lens? Do you find these updates useful for your work?


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