Customize Google Maps on Desktop and Mobile

  • Jun 13, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Customize Google Maps on Desktop and Mobile

If you are looking for how to drop the pin in the Maps while you are using the desktop and the app, you are not alone. This service becomes popular every day. Use these tips to make Google Maps even more advanced. You will enjoy all your favorite panoramic views of 360 degrees, listings, and all the places you did not know existed nearby.
Google Maps is one of the favorite apps for Android owners. Moreover, iPhone users prefer it to the native Apple Maps. If you usually open the browser version of this service, you may find numerous advantages as well. It keeps all the features you use on mobile devices plus the extra real-estate screen. If you want to plan your new trip, you may easily combine this version of the app with Google My Maps.

Plan Your Journey via Google Maps

Google Maps offers you to plan your trip in detail. You can find the best routes for your walking or riding. It also indicates the public transport and how much time it takes to get from one point to another, including the possibility of changing busses.
Still, there is one feature that makes the app so great, but not many people use it or even know about it. Unlike iOS owners, Android fans do not often ask for a pin. Yet, Google Maps offer to save all your memorable spots with pins. You can arrange meetings by using the pinned places on Google Maps and exchanging coordinates with other people.

Instruction on How to Drop Pins on Desktop

The desktop version is not different from the app when it comes to dropping a pin procedure. You may use your Chrome browser since it works the fastest with Google Maps. While you still can’t do it on your way, unlike while using your phone, the desktop version provides you a bigger screen and more real estate on it. Follow the next steps:

  • Open the service in your browser. Log into a Google account first;
  • You will see your current location on the map. If you want to change the location you can search for a destination and tap it. If you need the pin in another area, just type the address in the search bar;
  • After you find the location and tapped it, you will see the pin. You can save it by tapping the icon which you will find in the overflow menu;
  • Now you have to press “Save Icon”. You will see more options appear;
  • To save the location without sharing it with someone else, you need to “Create a New List” and save your pin in Favorites. You may also save it in the list that already exists.

Creating Custom Map in No Time

Google Maps can be easily customized according to your own demands. You can save all the places you want to visit during your trip and create a list of cafes, stores, and even bus stations. Your map can be shared with family and friends. You can do it by following the next steps:

  • Open My Maps on the browser;
  • Tap the button “Create a New Map”;
  • You will see the map of your country. If you need to change the name, press the “Untitled Map”;
  • To find and tag locations, you have to use the search bar and zoom the place;
  • If you have an address, you will see the details of the location pop up on the screen. To drop the pin, press “Add to map”;
  • If you don’t see the destination on the map, add it by entering the location in the search bar and pressing the icon with a pin. You may add extra details about the place as well;
  • Once you need to add more details about the pin, you can pick the corresponding pin. You may also download your photos and provide notes you need for this particular location;
  • Don’t forget to save everything you’ve created.

Using Pins Daily

There are lots of ways to use the pins in your daily life, including making plans for dinner or inviting your friends to the new location. You will learn how to use pins in no time. Don’t forget to share them with other users.
Have you already used pins on Google Maps? How do you like them? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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