Skype Offers 911 Calls From Desktop

  • Feb 21, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
Skype Offers 911 Calls From Desktop

Skype has revealed a new service for its users. For now, this option is available in the UK, US, Finland, Denmark, and Australia. Skype officially announced its new feature that allows calling 911 even from the home computer. While you are making a call, the program shares your location with the 911 representatives if you need it.

The US is not the first country that received this ability. In fact, this is the new addition to the list. Such service was already available in the UK, Finland, Denmark, and Australia. The calls come with minor limitations. To call the emergency number you need to have a strong Internet connection. If you have lost your phone or can’t get access to the mobile Internet, you can use your laptop or computer.

Skype warns that the call is not set the same way as traditional. You will be able to read the instructions on the Notice and Disclosure note that appear in front of you. There are not many rules to follow and you will be able to learn everything in no time. For starters, you can’t call 911 this way while being outside of the native region, since you will be redirected to the wrong department. In case of an emergency, you may not find the Internet, but you still need to have it while using Skype. Keep that in mind! If you live in an area with frequent power outages, you still need to have at least a generator. If you have Skype 8.80 version, you will be able to leave the 5 minutes long message instead of just 2 minutes as it was before.

Using The Verge, users will be able to choose the dark mode, to not reveal their location in the house. There may be custom reactions sent to 911. Apart from that, you can zoom your screen calling the rescue team.

Do you think that Skype 911 call will be useful? How frequently do you use Skype on your computer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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