Helpful Apps for Cooking

  • Feb 23, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Helpful Apps for Cooking

Do you want to cook something delicious but don’t know where to start? Informative and simple to use apps that were created specifically for this purpose, will guide you through the whole process. You will find exquisite recipes and learn how to cook like a pro with step-by-step guides.

Top-6 Apps for New and Experienced Cooks

If you are tired of ordering food or cooking only two meals you know from your granny’s recipe book, you may need a digital cooking assistant. These apps on the list contain recipes, photos, instructions with videos, and a friendly community to ask for recommendations.  They are more useful than those big books you can’t even hold for too long in your hand. You may download all of them for something specific. If you have other suggestions in mind, express them in the comments. Our top list:

  1. Paprika. This app is available on an iOS mobile platform. It also supports the macOS system. Paprika is famous for its incredible library filled with delicious recipes. It collects numerous recipes from around the world. You will find their YouTube videos as well as instructions from cooking blogs. You can use this app as your personal recipe book. After you create your profile there, you will be able to collect recipes or make comments. There is a shopping list you can fill out;

  2. BBC Good Food. The app runs on iOS and Android platforms. It offers recipes from across the world. Most of them were gathered from the Good Food paper magazine. Basically, they were all created by professional cooks and checked numerous times. You can trust them. You may save recipes you like in your account so you could reach them even offline. If your hands are already in flour but you want to check the details, you may operate this app via Alexa;

  3. Kitchen Stories. This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile platforms. It offers a stylish design with fascinating videos with instructions for every recipe. The app was created back in 2014. Since that time it has gathered an impressive number of recipes with great visuals. It can also inspire you to cook. While there are no step-by-step instructions in every video, each recipe is perfectly understandable. The app contains an in-app shopping list where you can write down all the ingredients for the meal you cook;

  4. Tasty. Tasty has both Android and iOS versions for your mobile. All you need is to download it and you can become a valuable part of the community. There are cooks and amateurs who love to cook from everywhere. Everyone can share their own favorite recipe there or save some of them into the personal library. The app contains a wide range of recipes for every taste. Community, in the meantime, plays a highly important role thereby adding stars to delicious meals and commenting on each recipe they’ve tried. You can hide recipes you don’t want to see;

  5. Yummly. Yummly is an app for Android and iOS mobile phones. You can also open its desktop version if you need. The app helps you to choose which recipe you want to cook next. It provides recommendations for everyone who does not know where to start. It gathers recipes from the Internet, Allrecipes, as well as BBC, and makes them personal. This app gathers information about you including your favorite food and products you eat. Once you share the information, Yummly provides several suggestions for you;

  6. Oh She Glows. This app is perfect for vegans. It has Android and iOS versions. The app is not free of charge. Yet, it has lots of features to offer its subscribers. You receive multiple meat-free options. It was created as part of a popular blog with the same name.

Apps for Cooks

Don’t limit yourself to one app, since almost all of them are free or affordable. Download them on your phone and try to cook at least one recipe to find which app suits you best. If you have used any of it before, share your thoughts in the comments. How often do you use cooking apps?

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