10 Steps to Make Your Perfect Android Phone

  • Feb 14, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
10 Steps to Make Your Perfect Android Phone

Android is a great platform, with lots of abilities and features, powerful enough to become the most popular OS in the world. When it comes to your particular phone, though, there are always issues with performance, battery, notifications, themes, and so on. Among all the powers of Android, adjustability is the one we need to make your phone less annoying and more fun to use.

Wipe Out the Bloatware

Many smartphones come with a set of preinstalled apps you don’t need: messengers, navigation apps, services by the carrier or by the manufacturer, and so on. Some of them may be useful, but most of them bring nothing but ads and consume space. It’s better to delete them as you detect them.

There may be some apps integrated with the system. If you cannot delete them, though, you can disable them. Disable notifications, withdraw permissions, remove the icons, and make these apps invisible to you.

Enable the DND Mode

As you acknowledge your FOMO, life becomes easier. The Do Not Disturb mode can be nerve-saving: turn it on as often as possible, with some exceptions you set up. Okay, allow phone calls (now it’s almost a synonym for urgency), messages from the closest ones, and system alerts. The rest will wait. You turn them off at the cinema to avoid distraction; why don’t you in your life where you are the protagonist?

Enable the Dark Mode

This trick (if your version of OS supports it) will reduce power consumption and let your eyes relax when using your phone in the dark, Black backgrounds, white colors are often better. It works especially great on AMOLED screens, but it makes sense on IPS, too. So turn it on in your System settings and in each app if required. If some of your apps still don’t support it in 2022, why not look for an alternative?

Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Though this option seems useful, in fact, it more often misses than hits the spot. Manually, you can adjust it better. Make it brighter on a sunny day, or, what you’ll need more frequently, lower it in the dark. In addition, you’ll free your system from the necessity to track the light condition 24/7.

Rearrange Quick Access Buttons

Though various vendors offer their own launchers for Android, they all allow for editing quick access buttons you see when you swipe down from the top. For real quick access, though, you only need some of these buttons. So rearrange them and drag closer the ones you need the most often, be it flashlight, flight mode, or vibration.

Rearrange Your Lock Screen

A lock screen is a powerful tool. With buttons and gestures, you can access the most necessary features, like a camera or notifications, without even unlocking your phone. And if you often need to keep your phone unlocked (say, with some app running without your intervention), adjust the time before it auto-locks.

Manage Notifications

Frankly speaking, do you need to be notified about new comments on someone’s posts on Facebook? Or all the advertisements they send you before St. Valentine’s? Or new threads on Reddit? If you see a notification you don’t want, you can take a minute, open the app’s settings, and disable its notifications. In two or three days, you’ll silence the most annoying of them.


How many emails do you receive from shops, news sites, online universities, and charity foundations that interest you no more? The same goes for public channels on WhatsApp, Telegram, or whatever messengers you use. If you unsubscribe from any news you don’t want to receive on a regular basis, all your devices will benefit from it, but with your Android phone, it will be the most noticeable.

Use Widgets!

Widgets are no more a wow feature, but each decent app now has a widget or even several. If you place some on your home screen, you’ll get notified about important events (incoming mail, messages, reminders) without the necessity to launch the corresponding apps.

Control Your Battery

We know you have a power bank in your bag but taking care of your battery and not letting it drain away also rules. What you can do is terminate the most unnecessary apps running in the background, retract some permissions (especially location) for others until they prompt, and, when you rearrange quick access buttons, drag your Power Saving Mode closer.

We hope these recommendations will help you find the perfect harmony with your Android phone and customize it up to perfectness. And which tricks do you use to improve your usability of yours? Our comments are open for your experience and advice.

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