Dealing With Gmail Organization Like Pro

  • Mar 09, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Dealing With Gmail Organization Like Pro

Organizing your Gmail correspondence may not be as hard as you think. On the contrary, you can deal with it in several minutes. These helpful tricks will teach you how to deal with your daily routine in Gmail without having a panic attack.

Normally, people spend around 4 hours per day on their emails. This is over 20 hours per week and 1000 hours per year. It means that you spend too much time with your Gmail to ignore the chaos there. If you can’t find the letters you need, you have to think about your attitude. There are several features that will significantly improve your life.

Top Features for Gmail Users

While it is still hard to imagine that we spend so many hours a day checking our Gmail, you may notice that your inbox looks rather messy. Once you clean it, you will be able to get to the letters you need quickly. Here are the top features that will help you with that:

  • Google Task. You can turn your emails into tasks. This way you will constantly remember whom you need to answer and when;

  • Google Photos. Do you know that you can save the photos sent to you via email right into Google Photos? All you need to do is to push the icon “Save to Photos.”It will automate the whole process;

  • External label. Recently Gmail has added the new label called “External.” It can be added to the emails that were sent by users outside of your company. It has a warning sign on it so you would not share the secret information with outsiders;

  • Confidential mode. Here is another protection from leaked information. It secures the information in a letter from being copied, transferred to others, or downloaded. You can also set the alarm clock to the letter so it would disappear after the recipient reads it. This feature is hidden behind the clock icon;

  • Mute threads you don’t want to see. If you can’t block some email threads but you are tired of them, you can easily mute them. All you need is to open your email and click the three vertical dots. You will see the option to mute them;

  • Smart chips. You can insert the feature in the Sheet, Document, Slide, and even Calendar. It will provide all the information you need about important events, dates, files, and people. All you need is to put @ into the document and you will see the options available to you;

  • Make important emails visible. You can put some emails into priority. This will help you to organize your letters and quickly find the most important threads. Usually, Gmail separates your letters as important, starred, still unread, and the rest. Yet, there is an advanced technology that allows Gmail technologies to check out your activity and organize letters based on the most visited;

  • Don’t need to read everything. You don’t have to read all the emails you receive. We usually get numerous receipts we don’t want to delete but still don’t need to read. You can easily filter the correspondence. Press the arrow that points down in the search bar. You will see the option “Create a New Filter”. You may pick the parameters you need there;

  • Create labels. Your life will be easier with different labels on your letters. Sort them by the company, location, time, or any other way you come up with. You can also enable the automatic Gmail labels based on the current tasks you are working with. Create the label “My projects” and specific letters will be redirected there. You have to put filters yourself.

Wide Range of Options

Gmail offers multiple variants to improve your working routine. It has a crystal-clear interface and all the tools you need in your hands. You can do little research by yourself, pushing different buttons there. How often do you use Gmail during the day? Do you receive lots of letters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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