The Visual Improvements in Victoria 3's Open Beta

  • Feb 10, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
The Visual Improvements in Victoria 3's Open Beta

Victoria 3, the latest iteration of Paradox’s strategy game franchise, has become renowned for its complexity and expansive historical setting. With the Open Beta for the 1.2 update now available, the game is undergoing a similarly transformative experience in terms of its user experience. From changes to menus, tooltips, and other interface features, the 1.2 update is introducing a host of new visual improvements to the game.

The 1.2 update covers a breadth of improvements to the user interface, all of which are geared toward improving the player’s experience. A notable improvement is an ability to control the alert messages in the screen's corner, allowing players to filter out the less essential notifications. The trade routes panel now features a convenient list of owned trade routes, which can be sorted by country or by goods. 

In addition, players are now privy to more information about population needs and want on the population screen. Here, players can view the amounts spent on taxes and which goods are being purchased at above or below-average prices. This can help players to strategize their goals more effectively. 

The construction panel has also been adjusted, making it easier to view inputs and outputs for each production method. Additionally, the game has incorporated a version of the Visual Methods mod from FUN to provide further insight into the production process.

In conclusion, the Open Beta for Victoria 3’s 1.2 update brings a wealth of visual improvements that further streamline gameplay. From control over alert messages to a clearer window into population needs and consumption patterns, the 1.2 update is a great way to make your playthrough smoother. Interested players can opt into the 1.2 beta now by right-clicking Victoria 3 in their Steam library, selecting “1.2-beta – Open Beta for 1.2” in the Betas drop-down menu, and getting started with the latest update.

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