Take to the Sky – Final Fantasy 14 Online Introduces New Ceruleum Balloons Mount

  • Feb 11, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
Take to the Sky – Final Fantasy 14 Online Introduces New Ceruleum Balloons Mount

It doesn't surprise players of Final Fantasy 14 Online that the game continues to add interesting and new ways for players to travel through Eorzea. Recently, the store of the MMO released the Ceruleum Balloons mount, allowing players to attach themselves to a bunch of balloons and fly around the world.

The game already offers many unique options for players to traverse its world, with more than 200 mounts, including airships, beasts, vehicles, and a special collaboration mount with Butterfinger that features a giant Korpokkur made of chocolate. Some of these mounts can only be obtained through playing the game, while others are sold on the online store. 

The latest patch of Final Fantasy 14 Online added a few new items to the online store, including a new barding for Chocobo. Most attention got to the new mount – Ceruleum Balloons. These brightly colored balloons are filled with a fictional fuel source in the game's world called ceruleum. Just one person can use it, yet it works for all characters on the same account. 

To get the Ceruleum Balloons, players need to pay the rather steep price of 24 dollars. The store also offers a limited-time sale on Valentine's Day items, so those who are interested should take advantage of it. 

In conclusion, with this colorful addition to the roster of mounts available in Final Fantasy 14 Online, players will certainly have a lot of fun flying around the world. It makes the already enjoyable game even more special and gives everyone an interesting new way to travel through the fantastic world of Eorzea.

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