Redfall Resurrects Gameplay with Significant Update 2 for Xbox Users

  • Oct 09, 2023
  • Liam Hoffmann
Redfall Resurrects Gameplay with Significant Update 2 for Xbox Users

Several months subsequent to its disastrous first appearance, the team behind Redfall has released Update 2 which includes much-awaited enhancements, headlining with the 60 FPS option for Xbox players, and significant improvements to the foundational gameplay.

For the title of the year's most disastrous video game debut, Bethesda’s Redfall could become the undesirable front-runner by the close of 2023. The game, initially launching to sky-high anticipation, witnessed a harsh reality check and broad disappointment among players post-launch.

With diminishing multiplayer activity and struggling lobby fills the game's situation seemed bleak. However, a recent update aims to win back players to the vampire-themed game.

Update 2 now looms large, introducing several engaging features that revitalize Redfall for its consistent player base, one of which is a 60 FPS option designed specifically for Xbox gamers.

Six months after a compromised May 2023 launch, Redfall's Update 2 comes as a beacon of hope. The team at Arkane Studios has remained persistent, striving for positive interventions to rejuvenate the criticized shooter game.

The spotlight of the update is on the 60 FPS option offered to Xbox Series X|S users, a marked upgrade from the original 4K, 30 FPS for Series X, and 1440p, 30 FPS for Series S.

The update also ushers in stealth takedowns for unsuspecting adversaries, along with additional desirable features such as revamped game world balance, expanded enemy population, bug resolutions, and more.

Despite the startlingly low active player count, the update has garnered generally favorable feedback.

One Twitter user gave a nod to the developers, stating, “A far bigger update than I would have expected. Well done to everyone involved.”

Redditors, too, can't stop singing praises for the upgraded game, with many reckoning the game is now worth the time and effort. However, the persistent lack of matchmaking is discouraging some who had contemplated rejoining the fray.

As Xbox continues to leverage the potential of GamePass, further changes and improvements to Redfall can be anticipated. The timeline remains a matter of speculation, but it seems to fall within a long-term salvaging strategy to resurrect the struggling game, which has already taken a heavy hit with subpar reviews and a rapidly declining player base.

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