Diving into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III — An Inside Look at the Upcoming Multiplayer Betas

  • Oct 06, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
Diving into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III — An Inside Look at the Upcoming Multiplayer Betas

With the inaugural round of multiplayer betas for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III about to commence on October 6, fans are brimming with excitement. As has been the tradition, beta key access is first opened exclusively to PlayStation users before gradually becoming available to all. Here, we outline everything noteworthy about the beta— its availability timeline and how to get onboard.

The Modern Warfare 3 beta launch holds different releases and dates, contingent on your gaming console and whether you have reserved the game in advance. PlayStation holders who've preordered the game are privileged to kick-start their journey this Friday, October 6, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. The following weekend ushers in the cross-play capability, integrating PlayStation gamers with fellow comrades on Xbox and PC. Here are the full dates,

Weekend 1: PlayStation

October 6-7 — PlayStation pre-order users have beta access from 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
October 8-10 — Beta goes live for all PlayStation users from 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Weekend 2: Cross-play

October 12-13 — Beta access to PC and Xbox pre-order users and all PlayStation members
October 14-16 — Open beta across all platforms, irrespective of preordering

How do you procure beta access?

Participation in the Modern Warfare III beta is gratis and open for all. However, early access is reserved for prepaid Modern Warfare 3 users. Digital preorders automatically gain beta access, while physical copy orders from a store will receive a code on the receipt or via email.

Additionally, subscribers of Xfinity in the US can avail of a beta access code through the Xfinity webpage's Rewards section.

Beta Content

The beta content comprises Favela, Skidrow, and Estate. The cherished Rust map, introduced during the open beta phase, is postponed for a later unveiling. The Ground War mode is also included, showcasing the Popov Power map.

Beta gameplay includes Team Deathmatch, Domination, Elimination Confirmed (open beta phase), and Ground War.

Game Beta Progress and Rewards

Gamers can ascend to a maximum level of 20 during the first weekend. For levels 1-3, users can choose from Demolitionist, Combat Controller, or Rusher. At level 4, players gain the ability to tailor loadouts. The PILA launcher and the Infantry Vest perk (boosts tactical sprint duration) are unlockable benefits. At level 5, gamers unlock the Guardian-SC killstreak, which utilizes a “beam-shaped, nonlethal, area-denial” effect. The following levels open up new areas of the game, as detailed by Activision:

The game is rounded off with Level 11: New Perk: Mission Control Comlink (reduced Killstreak cost), Level 12: New Weapon: MTZ-556 (Assault Rifle), and Level 13: New Tactical Equipment: Battle Rage (improved Tactical Equipment and Tactical Sprint). The full list of unlocks can be found below.

Will the beta progress inform the final game?

While it's a thrilling prospect, it's unlikely, as Activision generally resets all data.

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