New Updates Unveiled For Diablo 4's Incoming Patch

  • Aug 26, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
New Updates Unveiled For Diablo 4's Incoming Patch

Post careful review of user feedback, Blizzard has shared patch notes for the 1.1.3 Diablo 4 update that is expected to be released on all platforms next week.

The first aspect addressed are Monsters, particularly their abilities and elite affixes relevant to Crowd Control effects. The goal of these changes, according to Blizzard, is to reduce the player's Crowd Controlled time and bolster recovery after such control, especially on higher World Tiers.

Starting from August 29th, quick-attacking Cold Enchanted Elites like Ghost Archers and Snake Brutes will not trigger Cold Enchanted on every hit. Simultaneously, Chilling Wind will seldom spawn overlapping walls.

Furthermore, the Cannibal Gorger's Stun ability should be easier to dodge, and the cooldown period of the Cold Goatman Ice Pillars has been extended. The magnitude of Chill inflicted by the Cold Spider attack and the Stun duration from the Nangari Snake Eyes (now reduced to 1.25 seconds from 1.5) have also been decreased.

Fire Enchanted monsters will emit one less wave upon death, causing 20% less damage. The Bloated Corpsefiend's charge attack damage is also being reduced by 14%.

Additional improvements encompass consistent affixes sorting, remembering of Seasonal and My Class filters settings, and easier Glyph Upgrade menu navigation using a controller.

Significantly, cross-platform progression will 'now transfer' achievements, trophies, and challenges that share unlock criteria. Numerous other bugs have also been fixed; please check the official website for detailed information.

Earlier this month, in an informal discussion, Blizzard assured to enhance "effectiveness and fun" for Sorcerers and Barbarians. The intention for Sorcerers was to elevate late-game survivability, moving away from "kiss-curse" effects. For Barbarians, combat will be quickened through amplified Fury generation and late-game power of Unique items.

Diablo 4's content is set to continue with its 'Season of Blood' on October 17, introducing Eris, a seasoned vampire hunter voiced by Gemma Chan, who will join the fight.

Additionally, five new endgame bosses, vampiric powers enhancements, and a new questline will all be included.

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