LinkedIn Users Will Get a Post Scheduling Tool

  • Dec 01, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
LinkedIn Users Will Get a Post Scheduling Tool

Over the past few months, LinkedIn developers have been testing a tool that would allow users of the platform to schedule their posts. This new feature will be a welcome addition to the already rich functionality and will be a great help for those who would like to maximize their presence on LinkedIn. And since many users now have reason to believe that Twitter's days are numbered, learning to better utilize the potential of other platforms will become even more relevant.

To use a post-scheduling tool you need to click on the clock icon and the scheduling options will open. Next, you will be able to specify any date and time for the automatic publication of the post. The limit is 90 days.

After selecting the time and date, you should click ‘Next’ and ‘Schedule’, and the process will be completed. Also, this new functionality provides for convenient management of pending publications directly from the application. Making it possible to view, adjust, and change their publication settings.

LinkedIn representatives separately commented on the new functionality of the application, emphasizing its importance for users who actively use their profiles. Also, they clarified that for now, it is available for PC and Android users, but it will soon appear on iOS too. With its help, absolutely all users will be able to schedule their publications in the interval of up to 3 months.

And over time, this functionality will become available to groups. LinkedIn has been putting a lot of effort into improving and simplifying the service for those users who actively use the platform for several years now. The new update will allow better time management, which will positively affect the response of users.

How useful will this tool be for creating scheduled publications for active users of LinkedIn? What functionality would you like to be added to this platform? Please share your opinion with others in the comments below.

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