Instagram Released a New Reels Guide

  • Oct 10, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Instagram Released a New Reels Guide

As the holiday season approaches, Instagram released a new guide for entrepreneurs. The guidelines provide valuable tips for businessmen promoting their products or services with Reels.

The 23-page guide starts with a rationale for why reels are essential for business. Instagram believes Reels is the future of storytelling, and it's the content that's becoming popular.

Further down in the guide, there are specific recommendations for video design. All of them are based on the results of past studies. For example, Instagram advises not to create overlays on videos randomly but to stick to special green zones. The company also highlights the importance of the first 5 seconds of the video, which should hook the viewer. In addition, the video that will attract the viewer should contain special effects and modern music. The melody should inspire and be relaxing or uplifting.

Since one buys from a person and not from a company, the reels should be as lively as possible. Instagram also explained this in its manual. Talking about your company or product is an effective tool for promotion. Also, the potential client will understand that they interact not with a faceless page but with a person. This way, they will be willing to work with a particular brand. Instagram has devoted quite a lot of time to the issue of communication with the audience and described specific tools. There is also information on affiliate labels, tags, and so on. 

That is a high-quality tutorial where the information is provided in a structured and concise manner. It has illustrations with concrete examples, which help the user learn all the rules faster. Those who already use Reels can refresh their knowledge, and absolute beginners will receive a concise and accessible guide. Do you use Reels to promote your brand?

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