Google Launches Highlights Tab Feature For Android Contacts App

  • Dec 29, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Google Launches Highlights Tab Feature For Android Contacts App

The Google Contacts app on Android has recently launched a new feature called ‘Highlights.’ This feature will be available for all users of the latest version of the Google Contacts app, and it adds a new tab to the bottom bar alongside existing tabs like ‘Contacts' and ‘Fix and Manage’. The main purpose of this tab is to make it easier for users to find their favorite contacts in one place, as well as view recent searches.

Upon clicking on the Highlights tab, two sections appear - Favorites and Recents. Users can add new contacts by clicking on an 'Add' button located in the top-right corner under Favorites list. The Recents section further consists of two tabs – Viewed Recently and Added Recently which show contacts that have been searched for or added recently with respective dates next to them. Additionally, users also have an option to clear their search history from this section if needed.

Other than this, there are no more features available with this update, but we can expect more additions in future updates as per user feedback about what would make navigating through contacts easier within the app itself. It's possible that other customization options may be included soon, too, such as sorting contact information into relevant categories or tagging individuals, so they're easily found again later down the line when needed without having to scroll through endless lists manually searching each time you want someone's number or address details quickly at hand.. 

Overall, these small changes help create a better overall experience while using Google Contact on Android devices and should prove useful in finding important contacts faster than ever before without having to go through multiple steps just get access them while still being able keep track of who you've interacted with recently too if necessary. 

In conclusion, Google Contact has taken yet another step towards making its services more accessible by introducing its Highlights feature for Android users, which offers quick access favourite contacts along with recent searches making it easier than ever before manage contact information stored within your device effortlessly anytime you need it most!

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