Free Hubs and Transport Update Coming to Cities: Skylines Tomorrow

  • Mar 23, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
Free Hubs and Transport Update Coming to Cities: Skylines Tomorrow

Cities: Skylines fans are in for a treat! Colossal Order revealed plans for the final months of development of the game, focusing on upcoming DLCs. However, this is not the only additional content heading to the title, as tomorrow, owners of the game will receive a free update called Hubs & Transport. 

Hubs & Transport will add a number of public transportation and traffic-related elements to the game - among them, 9 new transportation hubs. Two of them will be available to owners of the base game, while the others will be available to buyers of the DLCs Snowfall and Mass Transit. 

The update will also introduce 15 entirely new road variants, out of which three will be available in the base game, and the rest are for owners of the DLCs Snowfall and Mass Transit. Finally, players will be able to enjoy more public transport vehicles. 

The base game will be equipped with additional models of trains and subways, while Mass Transit owners will be able to take for a spin more variants of monorails and ferries. If you have purchased the Natural Disasters DLC, the game will also include an evacuation bus.

Apart from the new elements, the patch will also feature a few changes and fixes to the game. There will be some tweaks to the game's mechanics and improved support for all the existing and upcoming mods.

In conclusion, the free Hubs and Transport Update are about to make Cities: Skylines an even more enjoyable experience. With new elements, tweaks, and changes, fans are in for an unforgettable ride. While the base game owners will get to experience a generous portion of the content, the DLCs will bring even more fun. The update is releasing tomorrow, so mark your calendars!

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