Edit Button on Twitter Gets Restrictions

  • Sep 13, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
Edit Button on Twitter Gets Restrictions

The edit button is a long-awaited Twitter update. The developers have finally announced the rollout of this feature. Even though literally all users of the platform are waiting for it, at first, it will not be available to everyone and will have some limitations.

Last week, the company representatives released an official announcement about the start of implementing the edit button on their platform. However, it immediately became known that the launch would take place in New Zealand. Besides, it will be available exclusively to premium members with Twitter Blue accounts. Of course, this update will spread to other countries after some time. Probably, the developers want to make sure everything works stably. However, ordinary users also hoped to get this button in their accounts.

There are also more details on exactly how this feature will work. Premium users will only have half an hour to go back to their posts and edit the text. They are also given only five attempts to modify the content of their tweets, add tags, upload media files, and so on. Experts believe there is a possibility that these features may be subject to change based on the results of testing on members from New Zealand. Now such restrictions are explicitly imposed so that users do not abuse its use. If the deployment in the first region proceeds without significant shortcomings, Canada and the United States, as well as Australia, will be next in line.

Edited posts will get marks with the date and time of the change. Also, readers will have the opportunity to compare them with the originals. Recall that professionals from different fields negatively perceived the edit button's introduction. Using such a tool reduces the value of Twitter as a credible historical source that can be cited in research and analysis. What do you think of this tweet editing feature

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