Geometry Dash

  • Liam Hoffmann
  • Jul 18, 2021

Geometry Dash is a game that has been around for more than a couple years, yet has still managed to remain relevant to this day. The gameplay consists of a side-scrolling runner, where the player is constantly jumping over obstacles, and occasionally turning on a platform. Geometry Dash is a game developed by RobTop Games, and is the sequel to an earlier game called Geometry Dash Lite. The game revolves around your character, which is represented as a ball, has to jump over various obstacles.


The game starts off with the player in the middle of a stage. There is a line that leads to the right, and the player must move the cursor to the right and jump to the next platform. There are some blocks in the stage that the player will need to jump over. The player will also need to jump over a gap. The player will need to move the cursor to the right in order to make it to the next platform. The player has to jump over various obstacles in a confined space. This is done by using the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. The player can tap the screen to jump. The player can also rotate the screen with the up and down arrow keys. The player has to collect coins, and can collect power-ups to get more coins.


The graphics are very simple and nothing fancy. The graphics are not much to look at, but they are very basic and do not take up much room. The graphics are very well done. The game is easy to play due to the simple design. The simplicity is what makes the game so addictive.

Information about replayability

Geometry Dash is constantly adding new features to make the game more enjoyable for players. They are constantly releasing new levels for players to play.


Geometry Dash is a game that has been downloaded many times and has been one of the most popular games ever. It is a game that tests your skills and patience. Geometry Dash has many levels that you must go through and overcome. There is a level for everyone, no matter what skill level you are in. Geometry Dash is a very challenging game but it is worth the effort.

  • It's free
  • It's simple
  • It's a game with a lot of replay value
  • There's a lot of levels to play
  • It's a game that's constantly being updated
  • It's a game that's for all ages
  • It's an easy game to pick up
  • Some levels are too hard
  • It's not a game for everyone
  • The graphics are very basic
  • The game starts off with very simple tasks, but they get progressively harder
  • The game can be extremely frustrating