Most Exciting Mobiles Games Coming in 2022

  • Jan 15, 2022
  • Liam Hoffmann
Most Exciting Mobiles Games Coming in 2022

Are you a keen mobile gamer like us? Then you will be very excited to know what are the hottest titles upcoming in 2022! Actually, there are hundreds of projects scheduled, so it was quite a challenge to pick up the most promising ones. We did it, though. Enjoy!

1. Valorant Mobile 

Valorant by Riot Games has already become one of the most popular online shooters on PC, and now it’s going to hit mobile devices too. This 5v5 FPS shooter lets you choose from a variety of agents with special skills and equip them with numerous guns that came from the nearby future. Try it on your PC and you’ll love it. 

2. Diablo Immortal 

Classic Diablo experience wrapped in all-new graphics is finally coming to mobile this year! Similar to the original franchise, here you will be able to choose from several character classes and smash through hordes of monsters down the dark passages of dungeons. If it’s not a formula of a huge success, we don’t know what it is!

3. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

FF VII: Ever Crisis will be a single-player RPG experience split into several chapters that will come out through 2022. Each chapter will be dedicated to the best stories from different FF installments, including Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, and Before Crisis. It’s a perfect opportunity to “read” your favorite FF stories in a brand new wrapper. 

4. Garena: Undawn

The zombie survival genre will never die, especially with titles from such cool studios as Tencent. Undawn will feature PvE and PvP co-op, shelter building, and, perhaps, hours of exploration and looting. Judging by the previous games from the brand, it will be a great one! 

5. Path of Exile Mobile

Similar to Diablo, Path of Exile has already become a classic RPG experience. The game will offer several classes to choose from and a huge world full of wonders for you to explore. Developers in the teaser look very proud of what they created, so we should wait for a huge rival to Diablo Mobile. 

6. Just Cause Mobile

The Just Cause series has always been a place to have fun shooting bazookas from both hands and destroying huge military bases. It’s not quite clear how such a massive TPS will look on mobile, but the fact that it will be on our smartphones is already a miracle. 

7. Naraka: Bladepoint

How about a battle royale game with katanas, parkour, and feudal Japan setting? This sounds crazy, so we can’t wait to see how it works. The game is scheduled for November 3rd, by the way. 

Update Your Calendar

Now you can add your favorite titles from our list to your gaming calendar not to miss the releases. What are your top 3 from this list, by the way? Tell us about it in the comments and share the listing with friends. 

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