WhatsApp Testing Split-View Feature For Tablet Users

  • Mar 04, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
WhatsApp Testing Split-View Feature For Tablet Users

As mobile devices become increasingly popular and versatile, messaging apps are making strides in order to make the user experience even better. WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is now reportedly testing a new split view feature for select beta testers using it on their Android tablets. 

The split screen mode offers an improved viewing experience as users can view the chat list and active window simultaneously. This makes for a much more streamlined and efficient way of staying connected with friends or colleagues. Moreover, it also appears that this feature will be available within both calls and status tabs as well. 

Additionally, WhatsApp is said to be working on another companion mode exclusive to Android tablets which allow users to link up their accounts from their tablet device as well as the main phone in use at the same time. This would offer additional convenience when traveling with limited cellular access but an internet connection still available; this could prove especially invaluable during business trips overseas where multiple connectivity points are crucial to effective communication needs throughout long journeys away from home base.  

Some reports also suggest that this new split view feature has also been optimized so as to provide compatibility with specific processors like ARM64 system-on-chip architectures. Furthermore, support for different SDK levels may be necessary, meaning that some devices running older versions of Android may have trouble downloading or applying these updates once they become widely available if restrictions apply based on such processor models/software requirements already being used by those particular units in question across all applicable platforms where such services are involved (including phones).     

All things considered, these developments look promising when it comes to improving how we communicate over various mediums, including through instant messaging services like what WhatsApp has been rolling out over recent weeks or months - bringing us one step closer to seamless communication regardless of location or hardware affects covering all possible angles along our respective digital journeys!

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