WhatsApp Reveals Functionality for Business Search

  • Nov 21, 2022
  • Sofia Martinez
WhatsApp Reveals Functionality for Business Search

WhatsApp releases business search functionality which apparently will be quite helpful for marketers. Apart from that, the company extends options for in-stream payments. It looks like Meta is trying to become more appealing to business owners.

The Parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook has underlined several times in their statements that they want to do more business, opening new opportunities for companies that choose their platforms. They want to add new possibilities for marketers using the messaging app. Among advanced options, they offer click-to-message ads and a wide range of tools for direct connection between marketers and the audience.

This change in the policy was made by Meta to attract more businesses to WhatsApp. The messaging platform is usually underrated by companies that are simply unaware of all the perks they can receive on it. Meta decided to fix the situation.

During the first Business Summit of WhatsApp that took place in Brazil, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, revealed to the press and all participants that there will be an update for WhatsApp that let users search and find businesses they want to use. The search will be incredibly simple, and everyone could find what they want by the name of the business or pick from the category. The search will be direct in the WhatsApp UI.

Users will be able to pick the category and find the business they want to check out. They can do it via the app’s search. Once the new option is revealed, users can see the small map that offers you the nearby stores and businesses you may like. You can use filters to find anything you need and check for only trustable verified accounts.

Will you use the new feature represented by Meta? Have you ever bought anything via WhatsApp? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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