Ubisoft Comes Down Hard on Division 2 Cheaters; Stricter Sanctions Await Repeat Offenders

  • Jul 04, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
Ubisoft Comes Down Hard on Division 2 Cheaters; Stricter Sanctions Await Repeat Offenders

In an effort to maintain fairness and equilibrium within the virtual gaming world of Division 2, Ubisoft, a leading global video game publisher and developer, has launched a stringent crackdown on players engaging in cheating activities. The company has handed out two-week suspensions, with the promise of harsher penalties for any continued violation. 

Ubisoft released a statement announcing their newly adopted strategy aimed at creating a more equitable gaming environment for The Division 2. The first step is the issue of strict two-week suspensions for proven first-time cheating offenders. Those found guilty of using cheat software to gain unfair advantages are being targeted in this wave of banning.

The Descent mode in The Division 2, a roguelike feature that launched earlier this year, allows 1-4 players to compete against numerous enemy waves in a mission to acquire skills, talents, and weapons. Within the narrative of The Division, it serves as a training simulation for agents; however, from a gameplay perspective, it functions as a testing ground for character development, as players start the mode without any gear, perks, or specializations and progressively enhance their characters during gameplay.

However, an existing glitch has allowed some players to join others in the Descent mode, enabling them to illegitimately gain experience and SHD (Strategic Homeland Division) levels. Ubisoft announced that they are aware of this issue, and have identified and will penalize players who have consistently exploited this glitch.

Highlighting the severity of this issue, Ubisoft has warned of more severe measures for those who will not comply. The company aims to eradicate what they deem a rampant problem within the game’s community. Any player caught cheating following a two-week suspension faces extensive penalties, including permanent bans or the potential risk of having their account deleted.

This calculated move by Ubisoft underscores their commitment to preserving the integrity of its gaming environment. By penalizing cheaters without hesitation, the company aims to cultivate a fair and equal platform where fun and talent determine victory and not unscrupulous shortcuts. A stern warning has been given to all Division 2 players globally – fair play or brace the consequences! The gaming community eagerly waits to see the effectiveness of these measures.

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