Findaway Voices, a Spotify Asset, Removes Distribution Fees for Audiobooks on the Platform

  • May 02, 2023
  • Liam Hoffmann
Findaway Voices, a Spotify Asset, Removes Distribution Fees for Audiobooks on the Platform

Music, streaming giant Spotify, continues to enhance its offerings in the audiobook market by eliminating distribution fees for creators using its Findaway Voices platform. This move is set to provide independent authors and publishers with an easier and more affordable way to bring their audiobooks to audiences.

Findaway Voices, acquired by Spotify in November 2021, is a leading audiobook creation and distribution platform that allows creators to produce, distribute, and sell their audiobooks to a wide range of platforms, including Spotify. By dropping the distribution fees, Findaway Voices aims to attract more authors and publishers and further strengthen its position in the audiobook market.

This decision comes as Spotify continues to invest in its spoken word content, including podcasts and audiobooks, to diversify its offerings and expand its user base. With the acquisition of Findaway Voices, Spotify has already added over 600,000 audiobook titles to its catalog. The removal of distribution fees will likely result in a substantial increase in the content available on the platform, benefiting both creators and consumers.

Independent authors and publishers have often faced challenges in distributing their audiobooks due to high costs and limited access to popular platforms. This move by Findaway Voices seeks to level the playing field and empower creators to share their work with a wider audience. In addition, by providing a more cost-effective distribution solution, Findaway Voices is likely to inspire more creators to venture into the booming audiobook market.

Spotify's decision to eliminate distribution fees through Findaway Voices is a significant step in bolstering its audiobook offerings and supporting independent creators. As the audiobook market continues to grow, this move will not only attract more authors and publishers to the platform but also provide listeners with a wider range of content to enjoy. It remains to be seen how this development will impact the broader audiobook industry and how competitors will respond to this bold move by Spotify.

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