Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth dev team admits it wasn't sure it could "put it all together in time"

  • Mar 12, 2024
  • Sofia Martinez
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth dev team admits it wasn't sure it could "put it all together in time"

In an in-depth and open-hearted interview, the core team behind Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, spanning from the director and producers to the principal designers, offered an insightful glimpse into the development rollercoaster of the eagerly awaited sequel. The team didn't shy away from acknowledging the development's formidable challenges, at times doubting their capability to mesh the intricate components in time for the game's launch.

Teruki Endo, the battle director, candidly shared his initial concerns over the voluminous content required, particularly for the combat system. From an extensive array of character abilities and summons to a diverse enemy roster that ensures freshness with every new locale and the meticulously crafted boss encounters designed with distinct gameplay and visual flair, the breadth was overwhelming. Nevertheless, the team's dedication transformed this daunting task into an epitome of attention to detail across every game facet.

Adding to the insights, Takako Miyake, the environment director, reflected on the immense effort overshadowed by the sheer engagement and passion for their creation. Amid routine checks within the game's virtual environments, the developers often found themselves captivated, losing track of time, and wholly absorbed in the gameplay—a testament to not just the game's immersive nature but also the team's unwavering commitment.

Hsueh Huei Liao, the lead user interface artist, echoed the sentiment of a taxing yet satisfying endeavor. The task at hand was no small feat; with each UI element crafted with such precision and care, it could stand as a minigame on its own. Despite the tremendous workload, the team's perseverance and unwillingness to compromise ensured the high standards that fans have come to expect from the franchise.

This narrative of struggle and eventual triumph paints a vivid picture of the journey behind Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's development. The team's unity in facing challenges and their eventual overcoming of doubts serve as a testament to their dedication, culminating in a game that not only meets but exceeds expectations, promising an experience that is both rewarding for its creators and profoundly engaging for players.

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