Discord Introduces Parental Controls for Improved Safety

  • May 22, 2023
  • Sofia Martinez
Discord Introduces Parental Controls for Improved Safety

Popular communication platform Discord is reportedly testing out parental controls, as it seeks to provide a secure and welcoming environment for its ever-growing user base. Considering the app's growing popularity as a hub for gaming, creative communities, and other people that share similar interests, these new features intend to offer customizable solutions for improved safety and communication.

The under-development parental controls in Discord are aimed at providing parents and guardians with essential tools to monitor and regulate their child's online interactions, ensuring a safe interaction within the app. The new functionality allows supervisors to view and keep track of the friends a user is connected to, as well as their joined servers. Parents will also have the ability to set restrictions on the servers that their children can join.

This development is in line with Discord's rebranding efforts, shifting focus from solely gaming-oriented communication, to a "place to talk" that appeals to a broader audience. As such, these parental controls are essential in ensuring a secure and inclusive environment for all users, regardless of age group or interests. To implement these features as effectively as possible, Discord is said to be collaborating with a number of experts, including child safety advocates and organizations, to provide a well-rounded set of tools that cater to different needs and concerns.

These proposed parental controls aim to create a balance between instilling a sense of responsibility among users and ensuring that parents or guardians have greater control over their child's online activities. With safety at the forefront of these developments, the adjustments to Discord's app are key in building long-lasting trust and connection between the platform and its diverse and growing community.

In conclusion, Discord's implementation of parental controls highlights the company's focus on safety and responsibility, especially in light of its expanding user base. By ensuring that all users feel protected within the app, Discord can maintain its status as a favored communication platform that offers a sense of community and belonging for all of its members.

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