Antique Or Tech? The Phenomenon Of iPhones With The Old Twitter Icon

  • Jul 31, 2023
  • Liam Hoffmann
Antique Or Tech? The Phenomenon Of iPhones With The Old Twitter Icon

In a surprising turn of internet culture phenomena, iPhones with the outdated Twitter logo are becoming an unforeseen hot commodity. With Twitter's recent rebranding to "X," users globally are rushing to update their apps accordingly to enjoy the latest features and interface. However, amidst this digital vigor, a peculiar trend has emerged. iPhones that continue to sport the old bird-themed Twitter logo are being treated akin to rare collectors' items, with some listed for staggering prices in online markets.

On platforms like eBay, iPhones with the old Twitter emblem are creating quite the buzz. Some enterprising individuals are seizing this unique opportunity to list their devices for impressive monetary amounts sighting the Twitter logo as a sort of nostalgia. Past precedents have been observed, too; in fact, when a popular game like Flappy Bird was discontinued, smartphones with the game pre-installed were listed for sale at sky-high rates. This similar pattern shows a unique angle of digital-era collecting.

A distinctive instance included an iPhone version listed for an eye-watering $25,000. Compared to previous situations where individuals have paid way more for such exclusive elements, this may not seem completely outrageous to some. Due to an error, this specific listing was later taken off by the seller, and it remains to be seen if it will make a comeback.

Besides the big-ticket sales, other listings with the old Twitter icon ranged between $800 to $1,000 – a modest sum compared to the astronomical prices some are willing to shell out. It's worth noting that to retain the old logo, these iPhone users probably manually opted to prevent app updates. The new Twitter logo now sports a large black 'X,' a huge departure from the friendly blue bird we've come to associate with Twitter.

In conclusion, this trend signifies an interesting intersection of technology and nostalgia. While some rush to update to the latest advancements, others find value in preserving a piece of digital history. What might seem an obsolete feature to some transforms into a collectible for others, successfully rendering a hefty price tag. As technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace, it'll be fascinating to observe what other aspects become collector's jewels in the future.

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