Fallout 76: Ultimate Guide to Obtaining the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask

  • May 20, 2024
  • Liam Hoffmann
Fallout 76: Ultimate Guide to Obtaining the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask

In the world of Fallout 76, there are countless unique items and collectibles that players can obtain, one of which is the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask. This mask, though overrun with vines and showcasing signs of wear and tear, is a remarkable addition to any player’s inventory. It not only provides protection from diseases and airborne hazards but also adds a distinctive aesthetic to your character.

Step 1: Understand the Importance of Gold Bullion

Understand the Importance of Gold Bullion

The Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask can no longer be obtained through quests but is available for purchase from the NPC vendor, Regs. To make this purchase, you will need a hefty amount of Gold Bullion - exactly 1,650, to be precise. Gold Bullion is a form of in-game currency that can be acquired through various activities and is crucial for buying high-tier items.

Step 2: Reach Vault 79

To find Regs, you’ll need to make your way to Vault 79. This vault can be located in the northeastern section of the map, in the mountains north of Bailey Family Cabin and Red Rocket Mega Stop. Getting there requires completing the main questline From Russia with Lev.

Locate the Mysterious Cave

Vault 79 is hidden within the Mysterious Cave. Once you've completed the appropriate quest, you'll be given an Access Code required to enter. This quest is part of the larger quest chain that starts with The New Arrivals, initiated as soon as you exit Vault 76.


To kickstart the quest From Russia with Lev, seek out The Crater located in the northern area of the map, to the west of Knife Edge.

Step 3: Purchase the Mask from Regs

Once inside Vault 79, head to the back to find Regs, the Gold Bullion Vendor. Interact with him, and you'll see the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask plan on offer for 1,650 Gold Bullion. Ensure you have this amount ready to make the purchase.

Purchase the Mask from Regs

Manage Your Gold Bullion

Accumulating Gold Bullion can be time-consuming, especially considering the daily and weekly limits imposed. Thus, it’s important to strategically plan your activities to make the most of the resources available to you.

Step 4: Accumulate Gold Bullion

There are several ways to gather the Gold Bullion you need, and we will cover some efficient methods:

Complete the Secrets Revealed Quest

Completing the Secrets Revealed quest within Vault 79 itself can reward you with a significant amount of Gold Bullion. Make sure to take advantage of any quests that offer Gold Bullion as reward.

Participate in Daily Quests and Public Events

Engaging in Settler/Raider daily quests and public events is another effective way to earn Gold Bullion. These activities yield Treasury Notes, which can be traded for Gold Bullion at a Gold Press Machine found in locations like The Crater, The Whitespring Resort, and Foundation. Keep an eye on the World Activity tab for opportunities.

Purchase from Smiley

You can also buy Gold Bullion with Caps from an NPC named Smiley at The Wayward. 1,000 Caps will get you 50 Gold Bullion. However, note the weekly cap of 300 Gold Bullion for this method. Plan accordingly!

Purchase from Smiley

Daily Limits

Remember, you can earn up to 400 Gold Bullion per day from Treasury Notes and an additional 300 Gold Bullion per week from Smiley. This means it might take a couple of days to accumulate the necessary amount if starting from zero.

Step 5: Finalize Your Purchase

Once you have gathered the required amount of Gold Bullion, return to Regs in Vault 79 and purchase the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask plan. Equip the mask to bolster both your character’s defense and your collection of unique items!

Enjoy Your New Acquisition

Congratulations! You now own the illustrious Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask. Not only have you added a valuable piece to your collection, but you also possess an item that offers great protective qualities in the treacherous world of Fallout 76.


Acquiring the Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask in Fallout 76 is a step-by-step journey filled with unique challenges and rewarding activities. By understanding the crucial role of Gold Bullion, navigating to Vault 79, and capitalizing on various in-game quests and events, you can secure this rare item and enhance your character's resilience and overall appeal. Keep exploring the wastelands, stay focused, and relish the immersive experiences Fallout 76 has to offer!

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