Examining the Treatment of Female Characters in Final Fantasy 16

  • Jun 21, 2023
  • Liam Hoffmann
Examining the Treatment of Female Characters in Final Fantasy 16

As the latest addition to the popular RPG series, Final Fantasy 16 has garnered mixed reactions concerning its portrayal of women. With only a few female characters in the main cast, some of which are either killed off or used as romantic interests, it's worth questioning whether the game respects its female characters. In this article, we will examine the character arcs of Benedikta Harman and Jill Warrick and discuss the implications of their portrayal in the game.

Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda, is a powerful and ruthless character who ultimately meets her demise early in the game. While her death serves as a catalyst for revenge, it's disappointing that her character development is cut short, and her role seems to be limited to her status as a femme fatale. Her past with Cidolfus Telamon and Hugo Kupka could have offered a more nuanced exploration of her character, but instead, she is reduced to a seductive figure whose worth is based on her relationships with men.

On the other hand, Jill Warrick is a more prominent character in the game, but her significance is still rooted in her romantic connection to Clive Rosfield. Although her role as a Princess and later the Dominant of Shiva showcases her power and resilience, her primary motivation is based on her love for Clive. This reliance on a romantic subplot for female characters is a recurring theme in the series, and it ultimately limits the potential for a more complex portrayal of these characters.

Despite these concerns, it's important to acknowledge that the Final Fantasy series has a history of strong and complex female leads, such as Tifa Lockhart, Yuna, and Lightning. These characters have demonstrated agency and depth, breaking away from stereotypes and proving that female characters can be just as powerful and compelling as their male counterparts. It's essential that future installments of the series continue to build upon this legacy, rather than regress to a more limiting portrayal of women.

While Final Fantasy 16 may not necessarily hate women, its treatment of female characters like Benedikta Harman and Jill Warrick leaves much to be desired. By focusing on their relationships with male characters and not providing them with the opportunity for significant character development, the game misses the chance to create more complex and interesting female characters. It's crucial for the Final Fantasy series to continue evolving and offering compelling, well-rounded female characters that reflect the diverse and powerful women of today's world.

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