Finally, Starfield Includes an Eat Button, Improved Stealth, and Nvidia Dlss

  • Nov 19, 2023
  • Liam Hoffmann
Finally, Starfield Includes an Eat Button, Improved Stealth, and Nvidia Dlss

Just a week after Starfield's release, Bethesda Game Studios announced planned improvements for future updates; hence, it's somewhat understandable that many players have left the game in the two months since due to delayed implementation of highly requested fixes. However, we are thrilled to announce that two items can now be crossed off the list.

A new update for Starfield is now available for download. It includes several improvements, notably direct ingestion of food and drinks without accessing menus and support for Nvidia DLSS, among other features.

Stability And Performance

  • - We've resolved several memory-related problems and leaks. 
  • - We also incorporated a few GPU performance enhancements, which will be more beneficial for high-end cards. 
  • - We improved the renderer threading model to enhance CPU usage, particularly for high-end systems. 
  • - We made various improvements to stability and performance.


  • - Introduced the ability to consume food found in the game world.
  • - It made stealth slightly more lenient.
  • - Resolved a glitch wherein Andreja's head would remain perpetually invisible.
  • - Rectified a bug that could hinder players from using their weapons.
  • - Addressed issues where some NPCs appeared without clothes (Note: This problem might fix itself over time).
  • - Solved a problem where ongoing skill challenges could cease progression after achieving Unity and beginning a new game.
  • - Fixed a bug that could momentarily restrict access to inventory or save post entry into Unity.
  • - PC: Rectified an issue causing jittery mouse movements.
  • - Addressed a rare glitch leading to the loss of the home ship.
  • - Resolved an issue where the ship services technician might be absent.
  • - Fixed a problem causing occasional improper camera shaking during Traveling, Grav Jumping, Docking, or Landing transitions.


  • - Resolved an issue that affected the appearance of ambient occlusion in ultrawide resolutions.
  • - Improved initial shader compilation at start-up for optimized performance.
  • - Introduced the capability to modify Brightness and Contrast from the Display Settings menu.
  • - Added a feature to adjust HDR Brightness only if the system is compatible with it (Only on Xbox & Windows 11).
  • - Fixed several materials that occasionally displayed unintentional patterns under specific conditions.
  • - Corrected various visual glitches associated with new FOV slider options.
  • - Enhanced the look of crowd characters' eyes.
  • - Resolved minor visual irregularities concerning lighting, shadows, terrain, and vegetation.
  • - For PC users: Additional visual issues related to DLSS have been addressed.


  • - "All That Money Can Buy" now has a fix for the uncommon occurrence of players unable to sit during negotiations with Musgrove. In "Blast Zone," an issue where hard rocks that required player clearance wouldn't show up on Ngodup Tate's land has been fixed. The problem of Grylloba Queen being unreachable during the "Secure the Shuttle Bay" objective in "Echoes of the Past" has been resolved.
  • - An issue in "Eye of the Storm," where missing docking prompts could potentially hinder quest progression, has been addressed. For "Grunt Work," progress blockage when completing "Supra et Ultra" while returning to the Lodge during "High Price to Pay" has been rectified. 
  • - "No Sudden Moves" had an issue preventing the re-opening of the Scow ship entrance door, which is now fixed. In "Operation Starseed," a problem where necessary keys to the exit facility might not be available is resolved. 
  • - "Sabotage" had an issue with David Barron possibly being unfindable by players, which has now been rectified. An infrequent control-locking incident while speaking with Vladimir in "Short Sighted" has also been fixed.
  • - A problem in "The Heart of Mars," where players may be unable to mine "The Heart of Mars," is now resolved.


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