• Liam Hoffmann
  • Jul 08, 2021

BeamNG.drive is an all terrain vehicle simulation game that is popular due to its impressive graphics and realistic physics. This game is designed for players who want to take their driving skills to the next level. This driving simulator offers a selection of vehicles, starting from a heavy duty truck to a sporty car. BeamNG.drive is a 3D vehicle simulator game that is currently in the beta phase. It is free to play and is written in the Unity engine. The game is available for Windows.


The gameplay mostly consists of driving a car or truck on various terrains, such as dirt, gravel, tarmac, snow, and sand. All of these environments have their own characteristics which can affect the car in different ways. For instance, driving on sand might be difficult as the car might get bogged down. Driving on gravel can be similarly difficult as the car might lose its grip on the gravel. For starters, the gameplay is quite simple. The game consists of a virtual steering wheel, brake and gas pedal. There are four camera angles: bumper, cabin, chase and hood. The bugs in BeamNG are taken very seriously, which is a good thing. The developers are constantly updating the game and fixing bugs.


The graphics are realistic and are as close to the real thing as possible. When the player crashes into a tree, it will not just disappear, but the car will leave a dent in it. This is done with the help of Unreal Engine 4. The graphics are very good, and the developers are constantly updating the game to fix bugs. The terrain in BeamNG is very realistic and is made to feel like you are really driving on it.


The game is full of replayability as it has a variety of settings with many different vehicles and terrains. There are also online racing modes in which players can compete with other players.


Overall, BeamNG.drive is a great game. It has a lot of good qualities, and is free to play. There are only a few disadvantages, but this is to be expected in a beta game.

  • The graphics are realistic and the game is designed to make the player feel like they are driving in real life
  • The game offers a variety of modes, including the ability to drive on all types of terrains
  • The game is easy to pick up but difficult to master
  • Driving on sand can be difficult as the car might get bogged down
  • It is difficult to control the car on gravel
  • The game is not free to play and the cost of the game is quite high